Betty Loves Cello

Day 248 of 365

I have been learning cello for two weeks now. It’s very, very difficult and yet very, very fascinating. It’s like getting the formula to magic, only I am so old that the magic comes very, very slowly. I hate that we can’t use “very” anymore. I am such a “very” kind of person.

Betty is our kitty who loves paintbrushes, chess, and music. She loves when she gets to play the piano. I wish to write more about her one day, but I just had to write about her tonight because she sits with me every single time I practice cello.

She loves to listen to my son practice, but when she was little, she attacked my son’s bow. Now, Betty is generally banished when he practices cello. I figured Betty had outgrown her urge to catch the bow, so I let her stay with me every evening. And it’s all kinds of lovely.

First of all, when you first learn the cello, you have to do the same things over and over. It’s so good for a busy mind. It feels like a meditation. I don’t even care that I’m bad at it. I am just fascinated–and Betty is fascinated. I find that she studies me so intently when I am trying to play. She also studies us when we play chess. And you know how you can tell if an animal is not very curious, a little curious, or very curious? Betty is very, very curious.

Oh, there’s “very” again.

I love that this kitty sits with me every night. I am so thankful for her. When I pet her, I still miss Sophie, but I am trying not to.

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