A Bairre Story

Day 245 of 365

Bairre is fully into that rowdy age where he makes trouble as much as he can, and we all just have to do our best to keep him occupied. Boudica has been pretty grumpy with him most of the time in the last few weeks (he’s definitely pretty annoying), so it’s on us to entertain him. We usually do okay, especially Ron (Bairre is still very much a daddy’s boy), but when I have to leave and Ron is working–well, there’s trouble.

When I got home from taking our son to cello lessons, Ron, who was outside chopping wood, said Bairre was extra trouble today. There is snow and ice on the ground, so Bairre hasn’t been able to dig holes in the mud lately. It’s nice. Ron put Bairre in the backyard and then went around to the side of the house to chop wood. Apparently, about half an hour later, Bairre showed up at the fence covered in mud from head to toe!

Ron said he had no idea how this could have happened since there is snow and ice everywhere. So Ron went around to the back to see what Bairre had done. There, he saw the evidence.

Bairre had taken the duck bowls, flipped them over dumping the water, and then drug them around the yard. These bowls are pretty big. Then, because we put warm water in the duck bowls for cozy pool time for the ducks, the snow and ice are melted under the bowls. That was the opening Bairre needed, and he dug a huge hole where the duck bowls go.

Ron said it took forever to get him cleaned up, but he managed and then filled the hole and then filled the duck bowls back up. He said the ducks were just quacking and quacking.

I can’t imagine what the ducks were thinking as Bairre was terrorizing their water, but I suspect they were not happy about it. Our male duck, Antonio, already hates Bairre, so this is not going to help the cause.

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