Warm Kitties

Day 196 of 365

Today has been a long day. It started when I realized that I had forgotten to dump the duck water bowls the night before, so the ice was frozen thick. Last year, I accidentally crushed a finger in the thick ice when I was trying to bust it up, so I am now scared of the thick ice. But, somehow, despite Bairre’s “help,” I busted the ice without injury.

Since the day has been long and I am worn, I will just share these two pictures. They are of our kitties, Betty and Bella. We adopted them last year as “barn cats,” and they ended up being “we love sleeping by the fire in mom’s chair cats.”

They are truly wonderful, and I just had to share these pictures. The the first one was taken tonight. The second one was taken one year ago in the same chair (It’s right next to the wood stove, which is a place much loved by kitties, I have learned). I love how they take up the whole chair now and were so tiny last year. Aren’t they beautiful kitties? They are sisters, and I love how much they love each other. It’s like, they love us very much, but they have a bond so deep that I will never understand it. I’m gonna try though. We’ve only had them a year. Hopefully, I have a couple of decades of study.

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