These Eggs and a Ruby Update

Day 161 of 365

It’s been a long day of work, so I won’t write much tonight. I just had to share this picture of these eggs in the beautiful shades of olive and light green. Right now, we are getting fewer and fewer eggs due to the annual molt, but our little Easter Egger crew, the misfits who insist on laying eggs in the garage, flying over fences, and just being all around quirky are laying. They were broody all summer and so lay eggs for us now when others are molting. In this picture are eggs from Juliet, Kate, and Ruby, as well as a few other hens who are a little less difficult. I am so thankful to those little stinkers.

And speaking of those little stinkers, tonight, Ron moved Ruby, along with the last of the babies of the year, to the coop. Ron said Ruby just settled right in. “Probably because she knows she’ll just fly out tomorrow,” I said. Ron had to agree. Still, it’s good to start the process. That girl hasn’t slept in the coop since May, but when the winter comes, we have to close up the garage, which means Ruby can’t live in and out of the garage, running around the front yard.

Hopefully, she will do well. Until it snows, she will certainly fly over the fence and hang out wherever she wants. And, in the meantime, she can still run up to us every time we open the door and holler for snacks. Still, tonight was a big deal to me–and maybe to her. The summer is really over, and all of the babies have moved into the coop.

It will be interesting to see, next year, if Ruby is again the very first hen to go broody.

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