Day 139 of 365

On Saturday morning, while we were sitting in our little booth at the fair, I was people watching a bit, which was one of the coolest things about the fair, I realized how much I missed the sounds of our chickens in the morning. The sounds of the fair was so foreign, and while they were certainly interesting to me, I found myself longing to hear my roosters crowing or the sounds of Ruby and Juliet singing their egg songs. The are both big singers of the egg song. Everyone seems to sing some sort of song, but some are far more vocal than others. As you might imagine, Juliet and Ruby are super stars in this department. Anyway, I missed their sounds,

Oh, and as an aside, I learned thanks to the fair that Ruby likes to sleep late. We were getting up very early in the morning–before sunrise–and all of the chickens were still asleep as I started doing their water and food. Gradually, they would all wake up and get going–but not Ruby. She seemed annoyed we were waking her up.

I also missed Boudica’s energy more than I can say. She is used to us being home and devastated when we would leave. Of course, I was used to be with her; I was kind of devastated as we would leave too.

Today, Boudica was so happy we were staying home with her. Ron cooked a big farm breakfast for us of eggs from our hens, hash browns from garden, and homemade jam on homemade bread. The food at the Common Ground Fair is so much better than typical fair food. It’s all organic, and there is some great stuff there. Still, you have to stand in line forever to get something to eat, and it’s still not as good as the organic food we eat straight from our little farmstead. Boudic “helped” me finish my breakfast.

I am pretty sure I saw her smiling.

One thought on “Homesick

  1. Though many of your posts resonate with me, this one was such a familiar picture for me. Although “going and doing” really is a part of life, my favorite is my own pack at home. Honestly, I go to visit my daughter and can’t wait to get home because I miss my own fur-baby kissin and the smells at home. The Common Ground fair sounds amazing!


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