Day 1 of the Common Ground Fair (set up)

Day 135 of 365

Today was scary tough. There is a part of me who is so proud we overcame so many obstacles, but there is another part of me, my superstitious side, that is worried about so many obstacles. Are we doing the right thing? I guess we will know soon enough.

At the end of day, after setting up in the rain, the rain stopped. Our son noticed this beautiful sky. It was magnificent.

Today was set up day for the Common Ground Fair. It was pouring rain all day. After working all afternoon to get the camper shell on Ron’s pickup, so we could haul all of our books and such to the fair in the pickup, we discovered the pickup had a flat. Ron was so upset. There has been a lot of road construction going on in our area, and he picked up metal spike of some kind. So we are going to have fit everything in that Subaru somehow. I swear, that car is a miracle. I hope it can pull this off. Thankfully, it fit the tent we had to set up today without any issue. My fingers are crossed for the table and books tomorrow.

On our way to the fair grounds, the main road was closed. We had to take a big detour. As we are taking the detour, my mind was starting to race. Why is this so hard? Why is the path blocked? I had no idea what else was coming. The path was about get more difficult.

When we arrived at the fair grounds, it was a muddy, chaotic mess. The place where we were supposed to have for our booth had other booths there. Things had been moved by someone, but nothing was marked. After nearly an hour, we found help, but even then, there was more chaos. They put our booth next to a parked car that took up a bit of our space. They told me to try to find the owner of the car. I spent half an hour searching the fair grounds asking about a light blue Camry. No luck. I am just thankful they didn’t put us in the spot where the Camry was. That was suggested, but I refused on that point. In the end, we just had to move our both over a few feet, as I never found the owner of the blue Camry.

Thankfully, in the rain, we worked together and got the tent set up. It looks great. We will decorate tomorrow. I am thankful for my husband. I am thankful for my son. I watched the fancy journal doing their booth set up. They had a whole team of women and a double tent and so many cute decorations. But I have my guys, and even if our booth isn’t as good, it’s going to be so full of love and hope.

And on the way home, Ron said to our son, “Look at all we overcame today. We had to persevere, but we did. We got it done.” He added, “Sometimes, in life, you have to do this.”

Somehow, despite the worry in the back of my mind, my heart is still hopeful.

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