Birthday Candles

Day 132 of 365

Today is Ron’s birthday, and it has been a good birthday for him, I think. We saw a Little Blue Heron circling our house today. This is apparently a rare sight in our part of Maine, and I read that, according the folklore of the northern tribes, a heron sighting is considered good luck.

In keeping with my superstitious behavior, I have to tell you about these fantastic handmade beeswax candles I bought from Etsy for birthdays for our family. I got them because they are reusable and beeswax, but I fell in love with them because they are so beautiful.

Ron said he didn’t need a birthday candle on his cake. But I told him there was no way I was letting him waste a birthday wish. Plus, I told him I love these candles so much that I put good intentions on them. I am pretty sure he thinks I am a little too quirky sometimes, but he doesn’t seem to mind too much.

And aren’t these candles lovely? If you would like some of your own, I purchased them from OakMoss Candles on Etsy. I am convinced they are perfect for birthday wishes.

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