Day 2

Day 130 of 365

If I write tonight, it will just be sad things. I am struggling more than I thought I would be on Day 2 without my Sophie. I think some of the struggle is that I am still mourning Gus from last fall. I used to love fall. I feel kind of afraid of it now.

I am looking through old pictures, which is both terrible and wonderful. I found this one of Sophie. She used to help me edit the scientific journal articles I edit. She loved papers too. How beautiful was she? I mean, truly.

This picture of Sophie on my journal article reminded me of a story about myself: I have been editing journal articles for scientific journals for three years. I love this job. I still can’t believe they pay me to learn about science. I have never put this job on my CV (which is an academic resume) because I keep thinking I am going to do so badly at it that I will get fired.

Three years. They keep asking me to edit articles. I really have some things to work on. I am going to try to work on them.

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