The Fog

Day 117 of 365

photo credit: Gaelle Marcell, Unsplash

I can write very little tonight, as I had a busy day. I learned a lot today, most of which I cannot yet write about, as it will take me some time to process. It was a lot. It was pretty powerful.

Ron and I did manage to make another round of sauce for the winter. I love cooking those tomatoes.

The only bad part was that I forgot to turn on the vent above the stove when I put the jars into the water bath. I put everything in, set the timer, and left to take a shower. When I came downstairs, I saw the living room window was fogged completely–and the living room is not very close to the kitchen. I was like, “oh no!”

When I made to the kitchen, I could see water dripping from the cabinets near the stove, and the windows were completely fogged. It’s been very humid here anyway. I really should have turned on the vent.

At least we have another round of sauce. We have so many tomatoes that I think we can do two more sounds, still have a ton for the farm shares, give some as gifts, and maybe try to sell a few. Some of them are beautiful. We’ll see though. Right now, I’m really just worried about the foggy house I made.

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