The Butterfly

Day 107 of 365

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the day the little Monarch caterpillar turned into the chrysalis. Today, after some worry about if it was ever going to emerge, it did! I didn’t see it emerge, but I happened by shortly after as I saw it with it’s wings all wrinkly. It was a busy day, but I tried to remember to check on it several times throughout the morning to see how it was doing. I adore watching them as their wings dry and they do the slow, methodical fanning of the wings.

Finally, after some hours, I told my son we should set it free and watch it fly away. We have been doing this every year since since that kiddo was five years old. Every single year, our magnificent neighbor gifts us with a caterpillar, and I head over to her garden and pick milkweed until the chrysalis comes. Then, later, we get to see something so magical and so hopeful take off into the world.

Today, for the first time in 8 years, the butterfly landed on my hand to prepare for take off. Usually, the butterfly lands on my son. Today, it hung out on my finger for a gloriously long time. I needed it. I felt really thankful.

Isn’t it just magical looking?

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