My kitty is sick…

Day 105 of 365

This was taken a few years ago. Isn’t she beautiful? Also, I am STILL working on that blanket.

I cannot write much tonight. My kitty, Sophie, is not doing well. She’s older (somewhere between 15 and 17) and has had health problems, so it is not a surprise. Still, I am not in a good place to write tonight, I think.

I took her to the vet today because she took a bad turn this weekend. It’s a kidney infection, which is treatable, of course, but she has a combination of troubles that is leading to a tough place. The vet told me today that we need to start talking about the end. I am not taking it very well, as I guess is the way of it.

I would love it for her to make it to wood stove season though. She loves that wood stove.

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