They grow up so fast…

Day 102 of 365

All the babies are growing up so fast, I thought I might do an update post. My babies and Ruby’s babies are big enough to move into the coop. They hang out with the big chickens all day long in the main chicken area. But, at night, they turn into babies and want to come with me and sleep in the garage. Ron is tired of this because he cleans the poop out of the garage every morning while I feed the littles. But it’s so hard to put them in the big coop because they are still such babies on the inside. I especially worry about Piatigorsky. She’s so very sweet and has such a gentle soul. And one of Ruby’s babies is pretty gentle too.

The coop can be a rough place at night when everyone is getting settled in. They love to squabble for roosting positions. They will also only allow certain people next to them. If someone they don’t approve of tries to touch them, there’s going to be a squabble. How can I put those sweet babies into the middle of such squabbles?

“They’re not coming in the house,” Ron said. I know this, of course. I love my chickens, but they poop way too much to come into the house. Still, I worry about putting them in the coop. I’ve been providing Ron I would do it for two weeks now. Yet, everyone remains in the garage–including Ruby. Yes, Ruby still sleeps in the garage and refuses to go back into the coop–at all. I have no idea what we’re going to do about this long term. In the winter, we have to move the car and truck into the garage. The snow is too much.

Anyway, maybe I’ll move my babies tonight. Probably not though. Kate and Juliet’s babies are still too little and running around anyway. They are growing up too. I adore all three of them. One of them is a rooster. He’s a stinker, but he’s gorgeous. I will try to get a better picture of him soon. In the mean, I hope you enjoy this photo update of some of the babies.

This is one of Ruby’s babies. She’s so beautiful I almost can’t take it. I lovingly call her and her sisters my muppets because they look like muppets to me, though I have to admit I am not sure which muppets. Ron says they look like owls. That makes sense to me.
This is Hector! I had a hard time getting a picture of her because she does not sit still. But you can see she’s gorgeous, right? She’s a Black Copper Maran and should lay dark eggs. How excited am I going to be when she lays her first egg?
This is Beatrice, our miracle chicken and Kate’s baby! Isn’t she getting so big? She’s still small for her age, but she’s doing alright. She’s wicked smart and a beautiful barnyard mix. Sometimes, I make her let me pet her. She’s not a big fan but will let me get away with a little bit.
This group picture shows Piatigorsky on the right and Dvorak on the left. You can see the tail of Faure. She’s hard to get a picture of, and, of course, some of my muppets in the back. And guess who that is right in the front, eating with the babies because she hangs out with the littles all day long? That’s our Ruby.

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