We can live beside the ocean…

Day 95 of 365

This afternoon, we went to Blue Hill for a take-out picnic and a visit to the ocean. I love the ocean. When I was a little girl, I lived in Florida for about a year or so with my aunt and uncle. My uncle worked at a fancy condominium with a private beach. It was so fancy that the head coach of the Miami Dolphins had a condo there. Anyway, because my uncle worked there, we were able to go play at that private beach any time we wanted–and that much beach with like five people max was a little bit of heaven to me. Rich people definitely get the good access to the best views in nature. I sure hope they appreciate them.

Anyway, every time we would drive to the beach, as soon as I would see the ocean, I would get so excited I would cry. I was pretty young, maybe 9 years old, but I was already in love with nature. I think I fell in love with the ocean and nature when I was about 5 years old. I will have to tell you a story about how it happened tomorrow, as it is wonderful. I was with my aunt, the same aunt I would live with for awhile when I was older. She loves the ocean too.

Anyway, today, I made Ron leave the garden and do something besides work. We got take-out from a very nice restaurant; sadly, it wasn’t the greatest, and we all decided that, from now on, we were just going to have to bring a picnic always. I realized today (as we ate a meal from a place that generally has rave reviews and we were just like “meh”) that we must eat very, very well. The restaurant used store-bought bread, and that just won’t do for us. Plus, it literally makes Ron feel sick. He’s allergic to something in store-bought bread. So we better just stick to our homemade bread for all future picnics. It’s way cheaper that way too.

Despite the “meh” meal, we had a fantastic time. I always love seeing the ocean, and I saw the best thing ever!

It was low tide, and the seagulls were all out hunting clams. We were standing near this large rock when I saw a seagull coming our way. “It has a clam in its beak!” I announce.

And, then, DROP!

Right in front of us the seagull dropped the clam to crack it open. And, then, only looking at us every once in a while to make sure we were not going to still its clam, it just ate it right in front of us! It was a treat! I have never seen that happen in real life.

Thankfully, after the second seagull did that, I had to mind to take out my phone and take a video of the next one. I will have to post it tomorrow. The first one I caught didn’t drop the clam from a great height, so it didn’t crack open. So it kept chunking the clam against the rocks over and over with these little tosses. At first I thought it wasn’t going to open up, but the system worked eventually, and that seagull feasted in front of us as well.

I love watching nature.

I told Ron that I wish we lived closer to the coast. It takes us about 45 minutes to get to any water and most of our favorite places are an hour away. Ron was against this plan.

“You read about the polar ice caps in news yesterday, right?”

I said I had, but I wasn’t talking about buying a house on the beach that will disappear in like 10 years. We couldn’t afford that anyway. I just said, when our youngest grows up, we should live closer.

As long as we can have chickens and a little garden (and almost everyone in Maine seems to have chickens and a little garden), I think that would be a little bit of heaven.

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