I love Boston, but the best part was the birds.

Day 81 of 365

It’s been a long day of a lot of walking in a lot of heat, but it was still lovely. Today, I had a sea turtle come say hello to me; I had the most amazing meal at a restaurant in Boston that made everything from scratch. It look forever, but good food is slow, is it not? It was a magnificent dinner. I am grateful to have spent the day in a beautiful city.

Interestingly, the best part of my whole day was sitting on a park bench feeding birds. I loved them. I wanted to stay there all day and do nothing else.

It is a short trip though, and I miss Boudica terribly. I had a fitful sleep last night and kept waking up missing her. It’s a worry to me that I can’t be away from her. Plus, we found out from the farm sitter that Kate has ditched her baby. I had a bad feeling this was coming. So we will head home a little early. I am determined to come back soon and bring healthy snacks for the birds and squirrels in the park next time.

And, for real, if I am ever not able to live on a farm with my chickens, I want to move to Boston. I will take myself to the park every single day and sit on a bench and feed the beautiful birds.

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