The Colors of Summer

Day 66 of 365

It’s been a week. We have one more cello concert tomorrow, but, tonight, my kiddo played Vivaldi’s Concerto for two cellos. It was wonderful, and there’s more cello tomorrow. More wonderful.

The Maine summer is also filled with its own kind of wonderful, and one of my favorite parts of summer is the summer harvest. Last year, Ron grew kohlrabi in the garden for the first time. I had never tried it before, and I fell in love with it. It’s delicious and purple, and it looks like an adorable little alien plant. And, of course, the purple.

This week’s farm share was extra beautiful, don’t you think?

And the carrots are coming, and the raspberries are ripe. I made raspberry peach pie this week–one for us and one for my wonderful neighbor. I love the red and the orange. Oh, and there’s the broccoli. It’s so green.

I am originally from Texas, and I always just hated the heat of summer. The day I moved out of Texas and took myself and my daughter north, it was 113 degrees Fahrenheit. I have never looked back. Tonight, as I write this post, I am so thankful for the beautiful Maine summer, the beautiful ocean, the trees after a rain on the drive home in from cello camp tonight at sunset, and, of course, the magnificent colors from Ron’s garden.

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