It’s Raspberry Season

Day 62 of 365

Tonight, in the mosquitoes, I picked the first bowl of raspberries for this year. They are beautiful and yummy, but while I picked, I thought of some basic rules of raspberry picking. I hope you find my raspberry-picking philosophy interesting, helpful, or entertaining.

  1. The first rule of raspberry picking is that you have to eat the ones that are really too ripe to go into the bowl or the carton. It’s a rule. You may eat a few tiny bugs in the process, but that’s okay. It’s just extra protein.
  2. The second rule of raspberry picking is that the ones that are way over ripe and are squishy go to the chickens. I have two chickens, Saint-Saens and Schubert, who love raspberries so much they will wait patiently the whole time I pick for a few tasty berries of their own.
  3. The third rule is, if you have to pull too hard, the berries are not ready.
  4. Rule number four is this: Wear long sleeves if you can. Raspberries are delicious and sweet, but raspberry bushes are mean.
  5. The fifth rule of raspberry picking is to never pick in the evenings because the mosquitoes love raspberry bushes, but once they find you, they love you more.
  6. And the final rule of raspberry picking is that it’s always important to share with someone special.

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