Just a regular day on our little homestead…

Day 49 of 365

I feel like there should be a medal to anyone who can complete a quilting project with kittens. We have three kitties: Sophie is an older cat we adopted 11 years ago. She’s perfect. Our two other kitties are Betty and Bella. We adopted them as babies just a week after our Gus passed away. They were going to be “barn cats.” I don’t know who we were kidding. Apparently, only ourselves because when I told a few people that Betty and Bella had moved in and had become house cats, they nodded and smiled knowingly.

They are wild kitties, cute beyond words, rowdy beyond words, and they make it really, really difficult to get dressed in the morning, much less make a quilt. Thankfully, good progress has been made, and Betty had to be banished to the bedroom for a couple of hours.

Today was just a busy, regular day. In the morning, we do our chores for the animals. It’s almost always one of the best parts of my day. I get to say good morning to the animals, and it’s a treat when there are babies. I am so happy to report that Kate’s baby is doing so well. I am seeing a lot of growth. I think the higher protein food for a bit and a new space for the crate helped a lot.

When we had our tea on the deck after chores, we discovered (well Boudica discovered it) a GIANT Sphinx Moth! It was such a treat to see.

We still have two broody hens, but that’s pretty good compared to our numbers a few weeks ago. I discovered our hen, Bianca, Kate’s sister, has been flying over the fence and laying her eggs in our woodpile. It’s adorable. I think she’s lonely. Kate is her sister and friend, and she’s away with her baby, of course. Juliet was also raised with Bianca, though by a different mama, and they are friends. I guess Bianca decided she was going to be different with the rest of her people.

It was fortunate that I discovered the eggs. I was actually following the Eastern Phoebe calls when I found them. Thank you once again, Eastern Phoebes.

And speaking of Eastern Phoebes, guess who is back in her nest for a second brood!?! I was so happy I cried.

The garden is gorgeous. Ron frets about the weeds, but it’s a gorgeous, healthy garden. Ron made fresh bread today because it rains (he bakes when it rains and can’t work in the garden), and we had tuna sandwiches with the most beautiful lettuce and a side salad. I am very thankful for the garden.

I am very thankful for this place.

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