Juliet is definitely broody…

Day 34 of 365

Ron doesn’t know this, but I slipped two eggs under Juliet today. I know he will say we have too many chickens coming this year, but what’s one more? I am sure she will be lucky to get one baby out of those three eggs. Our rooster (named Rooster) is getting pretty old. In fact, now that I think about it, I should probably slip one more egg under her tomorrow morning.

Here’s the interesting thing: Juliet is our girl who has a special dog crate in the garage for laying her eggs. She won’t lay in the nest box like everyone else. Yesterday was business as usual. She laid her egg in the late morning. Then, in the afternoon, I saw her back in her crate on her egg–only she was flat, like the pancake I was writing about previously. I’ve never seen a hen go broody on her own egg, but that’s what Juliet did. She does everything exactly how she wants to do it, I suppose.

Kate is still on her eggs, though I am hoping one will be a miracle egg. It’s a long story that I will only tell if it’s a good story. I should know by Tuesday or Wednesday, but it will take a miracle for it to work out. Thankfully, she has back up eggs. She rarely gets off her nest now, and after all of that drama with the babies, she’s very worried I am going to take her eggs. So I was only able to candle one egg that I added on her nest last week, and it was viable. My fingers are crossed for her.

Kate and Juliet were raised together. They are both named after characters in Shakespeare’s play. There was one other girl in that group–Bianca. She has never gone broody, Thank goodness for that.

Ruby is doing very well with her crew. They are getting so big that they can’t all fit underneath mama very well anymore, so when they are tucked in, you see little yellow heads and tails and beaks sticking out various places. I will try to get a picture tomorrow.

For now, I will wrap up tonight. I am working on the Summer Solstice issue of the journal. It’s going to be beautiful!

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