Book Review: Honeybee Rescue by Loree Griffin Burns

by Crystal Sands

Beautifully written and photographed, Honey Bee Rescue: A Backyard Drama by written by Loree Griffin Burns and photographed by Ellen Harasimowicz, is a children’s book that tells the real-life story of what happens when a colony of bees settles into a beekeeper’s garage.

The book begins by explaining how a colony of bees ends up in a garage in the first place. Apparently, when a colony grows too quickly, if a beekeeper doesn’t get new housing to the colony in time, the colony will swarm–and in the book, Griffin Burns explains exactly what that means.

With excellent explanations throughout the book, this gorgeous hardcover children’s book not only describes the process of moving bees from dangerous places, but it also explains important concepts related to bees and beekeeping that will appeal to both children and adult readers. Loree Griffin Burns, a scientist and writer, explains everything from the structure of a hive to the role of the queen bee.

The photographs in this book are breathtaking and informative, and I love that the book includes detailed back matter that features an interview with a bee rescuer and a glossary.

A good children’s book appeals to grown ups too, and this one is definitely appealing to anyone interested in bees. I highly recommend this book for families interested in learning more about bees; this book would be a great part of a classroom or homeschooling unit on bees or pollinators in general.

You can listen to the author talk about this book and her work as a science writer for children in this episode of A Farmer-ish Podcast. And you can get your own copy of this beautiful book at your local bookstore or here at Bookshop. If you love all things bees like I do, this book is definitely one to add to your collection!