Winter Solstice 2022 Call for Submissions

For the 2022 Winter Solstice edition of Farmer-ish, we want you to think about Solstice Hygge. The Solstice is such an important day in nature and for farmers and homesteaders–as well as our animals. What are some ways we honor it? How can we bring a little Hygge into our lives as we head into the long darkness here in the northern hemisphere? What traditions keep us cozy? How can we use the winter for rest while still caring for our animals and planning for the growing season to come?

We are looking for essays, how-to pieces, recipes, poetry, farmer profiles, and more that celebrate the warmth and coziness of the indoors while honoring the season outdoors. Winter Solstice is when we take our rest, celebrate the holidays, plan for the upcoming year, and honor the return of the light.

As always, be sure to follow our general submission guidelines, but as you think about submissions for our Winter Solstice issue, please consider the following: We are always looking for great poetry and essays that speak to the experience of living connectedly to Nature; we love submissions from first-time authors, though we love our professional writers too; we could really use some good winter recipe ideas and are especially interested in bread recipes or traditions this year. We are also looking for works that honor the many winter holidays happening in December. 

Essays generally run 800 to 2,000 words. 

Payment: For the Winter Solstice 2022 issues, we pay a $25 honorarium for poems, essays, and recipes.

Deadline: The deadline for submissions for our Winter Solstice 2021 issue is December 10, 2022.

How to Submit: For the first time, Farmer-ish is using submittable and requiring a very small fee of $3 for submissions. This small fee helps to fund our journal and keep ad-free writing about farming, homesteading, animals, and nature available to all. The small fee also helps pay a small honorarium to our writers that we hope to grow in the coming years. Please click the form below to be taken to the Submittable form, which will allow you to submit your work and pay the $3 fee. *Please note, if this fee is a hardship but you would love to submit, please contact us, as we have a few sponsors willing to pay fees for those in need.