Winter Solstice 2020 Submissions

For our first Winter Solstice edition of Farmer-ish, we want you to think all things warm, cozy, creative, and full of light. We also want you to think about life on the farm or homestead during the winter and all that winter involves–dark mornings, busting ice, but also the rest of the long winter. We are looking for essays, how-to pieces, recipes, poetry, farmer profiles, and more that celebrate the warmth and coziness of the indoors while honoring the season outdoors. Winter is really when we plan for the upcoming year, take our rest, and honor the return of the light.

As always, be sure to follow our general submission guidelines, but as you think about pitches and submissions for our Winter Solstice issue, please consider the following: We are still looking for great poetry; we love submissions from first-time authors, though we are thankful for our more experienced authors and authors with agents who help us build our ethos; we could really use some good winter recipe ideas, especially if you have the recipe for the best hot chocolate in the history of the world. Animal essays should be related to farm animals in some way (chickens, ducks, goats, cows, horses, turkeys, livestock guardian dogs, etc.), but we are still interested in how-to essays related to getting started with goats. We are also looking for works that honor the many winter holidays happening in December and essays to help beginners plan for the upcoming gardening season.

*Update on payment: For the Winter Solstice 2020 issues, we are now able to pay $50 for most essays, recipes, and how-to pieces. We will still pay $25 for individual poems and book reviews.

The deadline for pitches for our Winter issue is November 30, 2020. The deadline for submissions is December 5, 2020. Be sure to put your text in the body of an email to Please put your working title and “Winter 2020” in your subject line.

Happy writing and stay cozy!

photo credits: Kai Wenzel, Anstasia Zhenina, Carolyln V, Aaron Burden, and Mira Kemppainen, Unsplash