Spring Equinox 2022 Call for Submissions

For our 2022 Spring Equinox issue of Farmer-ish, we want you to think about the way hope plays a role in our lives as farmers, makers, homesteaders, and creators. It’s been a difficult few years, and as we continue to struggle with a pandemic and climate change, hope feels especially important right now. What makes you hopeful? What keeps you planting the seeds in the spring? Why is hope so important to you as a farmer or homesteader? How do animals bring hope into our lives?

As always, be sure to follow our general submission guidelines, but as you think about pitches and submissions for our Spring Equinox issue, please consider the following: We are always looking for poetry about farming or nature. We are especially interested in educational essays and how-to essays. We are also looking for reflective pieces that explore farming and struggles with climate change and the ways in which hope plays a role in the quest to raise and grow your own food or food for others. We are also always interested in farming profiles and are especially looking for profiles of farmers who practice regenerative farming, a practice that surely represents a cycle of hope.

Deadline: The deadline for pitches for our Spring Equinox 2022 issue is February 25, 2022. The deadline for submissions is March 8, 2022. Be sure to put your submission in the body of an email to farmerish.journal@gmail.com. Please put your working title and “Spring 2022” in your subject line.

Farmer-ish does not offer renumeration for our online issues at this time.

photo credit: Crystal Sands