Found Poem: Two Items in the Newspaper, 1945

by JoAnne Lehman

August 31st

Lightning Fire: Blaze on Earl Lehman Farm

Struck by lightning, 
a large frame barn on the farm of Earl Lehman, Long’s Gap Road, 
about a half mile north of Bellaire Park, 
was totally destroyed by fire 
about 10:40 o’clock last night at the height 
of one of the summer’s worst electrical storms.

with the structure were 
two heifers,
a hog,
150 chickens,
a tractor
and a few other farm implements 
and a considerable quantity
of wheat, hay, and barley. 
A member of the family said the damage
would exceed $10,000.

Lehman, a young farmer, and his wife 
were about to retire for the night 
when the fire broke out. 
Lehman, the son of Jesse Lehman, who lives nearby, 
summoned his father 
and other neighbors
and called the Union Fire Company.

The barn burned
with great rapidity 
and was hopelessly
enveloped in flames when
the Union firemen, riding in a driving rain, arrived
with their rural service pumper.
The family car and another auto owned by Lehman’s brother, Roy, 
were saved before
an implement shed burned down.

The fire burned
a Pennsylvania Power and Light wire,
disrupting electricity service to the area
for several hours.

The storm struck here about 10:15 
and continued for almost two hours. Rain
was very heavy in the first half hour
but slacked after that. Vivid lightning and heavy thunder
 continued to midnight.

Damage in town was negligible.

October 18th 

Complete Dispersal

Having lost my barn and most of my feed by fire
I will offer at public sale 
at my farm 
located 2-½ miles north of Carlisle on Long’s Gap Road
the following—

Certified and Accredited
13 milk cows, several fresh by day of sale.
2 yearling heifers,
several calves.
This is a young herd with a very good test.
Records up to 500 pounds fat in DHIA.

Oliver tractor spreader on rubber tires, new in 1943
1 rubber tired trailer with flat
1 wagon with flat
MM 7’ tandem disc harrow 18” discs
MM 14” two bottom high clearance plow
Western sprocket pulverizer 8’
McCormick mower 6’ cut
riding cultivator
10’ x 12’ brooder house on skids
9’ x 10’ range shelter on skids with steel roof and celotex insulation
Cyclone electric brooder 500 chick size
chicken feeders and fountains
saw frame
Prime electric fencer
milk scales
platform scales 500-pound capacity
2-hole corn sheller
and a canoe 

Dairy Equipment
single-unit Surge milking machine, used less than a year
3-can Esco electric milk cooler, new in 1944
Dairymaid electric water heater
metal can rack for 6 cans
6 very good, 85-pound milk cans, pails, strainer, etc.

Household Goods
late model Home Comfort coal and wood range with water jacket installed and reservoir
2 Ivanhoe 3-burner kerosene stoves with ovens
2 davenports both convertible to double beds
2 occasional chairs
2 end tables
coffee table 
complete set Encyclopedia Britannica
9 pc fumed oak dining room suite in good condition
decorative plate glass wall mirror
upright piano in very good condition
sectional 12-drawer solid oak filing cabinet like new
three table lamps
double wood bed—

new cell springs and mattress, 
double bed size, 
used one week—

2 small dressers
round extension table
large work table
kitchen table
several small tables
several large upholstered chairs
odd chairs
modern baby bathtub
some dishes and cooking utensils
large lot of Mason jars in perfect condition

Terms, cash.

Rural Route 2.

photo credit: Elmer Canas, Unsplash