Favorite Things

My favorite things for the Fall 2020 issue features some items near and dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy them as well and will consider supporting these makers and creatives.

My first item is the protection sign from Dutch Hex Sign. JJ Starwalker (yes, her name is really cool) is the owner and artist behind Dutch Hex Sign. She creates custom protection signs for your barn or coop, and they are beautiful. Each sign is handmade and comes with directions for giving your sign a blessing before hanging. We have one on our duck house, and I love both the sign and ritual.

My second item on this issue’s list comes from Hawthorn & Thistle Farmstead. Owned and operated by Step Grant, Hawthorn & Thistle Farmstead specializes in sheep, rabbits, yarn, knit items, and handmade beeswax candles. I just purchased one of Steph’s beeswax pumpkin candles for Halloween, and I adore it. She is also featuring maple leaf candles for her fall collection. Do check out her Etsy shop for more of her great work.

Finally, the last item on my list is the most special to me. I am featuring a book of children’s poetry entitled Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky, written by my husband and illustrated by my son. The book gives a whimsical perspective on the seasons from a child’s view, and I have had so many parents tell me how much their children adore the beautiful rhythms in the poetry and the paintings created by a child. This book will make you laugh and cry, and it’s not just for children. I am certainly most biased, but if you love Farmer-ish, you will love this book. And profits are going to support Farmer-ish right now. You can purchase a copy at our Etsy shop and have it signed for someone special–or yourself, because you are also very special.


from Dutch Hex Sign


from our Farmerish Etsy shop

& Light

from Hawthorn & Thistle

Header photo credit: Ronan Sands