Fall 2021 Submissions: Folklore

Are crows lucky or harbingers of doom? Do sitting cows mean rain is coming? What does the moon tell us about when to plant? When to harvest? The history of farming is one rich in myth, legend, and folklore. In the Fall Equinox 2021 issue of Farmer-ish, we wish to explore all things folklore–from the history and science based to the artistic, magical, and legendary.

Some of the questions we would like to consider in this issue may include the following: 1. What role has folklore played in farming? 2. What role does folklore continue to play in farming? 3. In what ways do lore, history, and science intersect in farming?

Of course, submissions are not limited to these questions. We are interested in folklore about everything from farm animals to produce to quilts. We are also especially interested in stories or myths that reveal specific cultural traditions related to farming, gardening, food preservation, or making. But we do interpret folklore broadly, and we are forever interested in the personal folklores that guide us as individual farmers, gardeners, or makers.

Although not all submissions are required to focus on folklore, preference will be given to essays, narratives, recipes, and how-to pieces that relate to our theme in some way. As always, be sure to follow our general submission guidelines. Essays, recipes, and poetry pay $50. Book reviews pay $25.

The deadline for pitches for our Fall Equinox 2021 issue is September 1, 2021. The deadline for submissions is September 12, 2021. Be sure to put your text in the body of an email to farmerish.journal@gmail.com. Please put your working title and “Folklore 2021” in your subject line. Please also review past issues of the journal to get a sense of what we publish.

Photo credit: Luca @lucahuter, Unsplash