Early Morning

by Linda Bridges

Before sunrise had started,
I began to walk across the marsh road.
The green of the marsh, the silver blue glass of the water,
And patches of fog, like reverse waterfalls, rising to the sky.
The moon still hung in the sky to my right,
Full, dappled, ghostly and perfect.
The sun began to manifest itself.
Insistent on the world’s attention:
“I am arriving, look at me, here I come, be humbled,”
As the sky above that portal lit up, golden and pink radiance.
And suddenly, almost anticlimactically, she slipped soundlessly above the horizon.
All the processional hoopla faded,
And suddenly it was just a sunny day.
My disillusionment with circumstances faded,
I thanked the Goddess, because it was another sunny day.

photo credit: OC Gonzalez, Unsplash