Cheesecake and Birthday Wishes

Day 60 of 365

I am late to write tonight, but there is a a cheesecake in the oven. I do not not often make cheesecake. In fact, I feel it is a little out of my league as a home cook. I think I have made two others in my life, and the last one was delicious–but it was seven or eight years ago. It was like starting anew tonight, and it all felt like a challenge to me. I feel nervous about anything that has to be baked with a pan of water underneath it. I mean, how precious is this thing?

Making this cheesecake is extra stressful to me because it’s for my son’s birthday tomorrow. I am very good at several fantastic regular cakes, but months ago, my son requested a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. I have been worried ever since. My son always dreams big and has high hopes for his birthday. When he was little, he was this way but extra. Inevitably, the day could never live up the birthday expectations in his mind. Thankfully, as he’s gotten older, this has settled down quite a bit, but I know, deep inside, he has high hopes for his birthday.

In addition to his birthday cheesecake, he has requested a trip to the coast of Maine and take out pizza. We very rarely eat out, but birthdays almost always warrant some kind of nice food at a restaurant. I am hopeful the take out pizza from the fancy town on the coast will be good. And if I can pull off this cheesecake, that would be great.

It’s in the oven now. I have been Googling how to tell when a cheesecake is done. I pretty nervous here. Please wish me luck.


And I have a Ruby update. She simply does not want to go back to the coop. I am so worried about her. Ron says she’s just going to have to adjust, but we had another very special chicken years ago who wanted to stay in the house and was miserable with the rest of the flock. She died very young. I am convinced it was mainly from depression. I am hoping I can just kind of make a space for Ruby in the garage, at least for the summer. Ron is going to be against this, but I think I need another dog crate. : )

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